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Cường Phạm

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Cường Phạm is a London-based researcher and community activist. He finds himself trying to constantly negotiate and situate himself in relation to cultural identity, movement, sites of community and geographical spaces. He holds a Master’s in Southeast Asia studies at SOAS, where his thesis explored the Vietnamese diasporic experience through hip-hop. Through his work at the grassroots, he co-curated ‘Record, Retrieve, Reactivate’ (An Viet Foundation) and ‘Resettled Spaces’ (Lien Viet) which explored the history, memory, and language of the East and South East Asian migration experience. He is currently in the process of setting up an archive of British-Vietnamese documents, photos, and other artefacts relating to the British-Vietnamese experience. Under the handle phạmbinho he also hosts a monthly show NTS, an independent online radio platform. In which he, and occasional guests, attempts to musically reframe ‘Asia’ as a contested paradigm.