Chair, work desk, and kitchen counter

Donna Miranda

This work entitled, Chair, work desk and kitchen counter takes from my preoccupation with materialist and non-media specific art practice and navigation of the political space both as a choreographic and practical gesture. 

I first flirted with the idea of choreography beyond dance, in a performance lecture I delivered in 2011. This meant producing choreography without music, without the stage, without a dance studio, and even without dancers. The turn to a non-media specific approach to production brought me closer to choreography is as a field of writing or graphy, the work desk replacing the dance floor.

In 2017, my brother fell victim to Duterte’s fake war against drugs. Shortly after, I joined the legal mass movement for national democracy, intuiting that the only way to overcome grief is to transform it into revolutionary fervor and channel my capacities towards addressing the root cause of socio-economic inequity and fascism. This turn brought me closer to the pursuit of the khoreia, dancing in unison, particularly in the peasant movement’s struggle for land, peace, justice and food. As an activist I found myself among a company of creative worker-activists who found food and cooking as a gateway for arousing, organizing and mobilizing work. Through cooking we are able to educate the public with Filipino farmers struggle for land and agricultural workers’ fight for improved working conditions and just wages. 

Chair, work, desk and kitchen counter are my tools of trade.

Donna Miranda is a choreographer living and working in the Philippines. Miranda relocates choreography from the site of the individual body to that of collective political actions. She works as a freelance consultant for international development organizations concerning gender justice, public health and disaster risk reduction. She also does volunteer work for the Federation of Agricultural Workers in the Philippines, an affiliate organization of the Peasant Movement of the Philippines.