Crossword Dictionary

Harry Isra Muhammad

At this moment, I am working as an editor for a publication. Aside from shortening the text and sharpening the flow of writing, my task is also to give or to edit the title to be catchy. One tool that assists me a lot is an online crosswords dictionary, Just put the suffix on the search engine, then you can find any words with the same rhyme. I think I misuse this platform. Probably most people using it to find answers for crosswords. Me? I do not play crosswords. I am using it to find words with same rhyme for the title of writing that I’ve edited to sound more poetic instead. Thank you Kunci TTS. 

Harry Isra is a researcher and editor at Jalur Timur, an independent collaborative organization with a focus on contemporary art and cultural activism with a starting point in Eastern Indonesia. Harry is a scholar of the Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education and in 2020, received his MA in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London. With his friends, he co-founded The Conjuncture, a digital publication exploring the intersections of culture and social phenomena.