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Oversized notepads

Izzy Waite

When isolating a tool that benefits my various creative practices I was immediately set on Spotify. Whether I’m in the studio painting or on a walk to conjure new ideas, I have my go-to albums that help my wheels turn. It wasn’t until I sat down to write this description that I realized, Spotify comes second to oversized notepads. In order to accomplish almost anything, I have to write it out in detail, with different color inks and decorative lettering. The variation in the words and images helps me to visualize my plans once I’m away from my notes. Around 2015, I realized scaling up the size of the pad I was writing on and taping these papers around my studio, room or office was key to encountering and re-reading them constantly, reinforcing my ideas or errands to be done.


I can easily recall one of my favorite studio projects coming to fruition after returning home from a wild night out and immediately sitting down with my notepad to capture the feelings the night had brought on. Recently, I taped four large sheets together and onto my bedroom wall so that I could create a visual for how to approach an essay.


Living in such a digital era has made me eager at times to translate this method onto an app or to use a tablet but each attempt has fallen flat. The time I spend hand-writing and connecting with the paper is an important aspect of whatever ideas come out of it. The oversized notepad is here to stay.

Izzy Waite is an artist and curator raised in Kansas and currently based in London. In 2017, she co-founded Pink Salt Art Collective, a Milwaukee-based initiative that seeks to collaborate with communities through engagement with arts. Her recent curatorial projects have included an archival publication project with Cubitt Artists', an artist-run cooperative based in London, and co-curating the Pigeon Pavilion in collaboration with the 2020 Bangkok Biennial. Izzy’s creative practices gravitate towards themes of collectivity, community care, and the agency of intimacy.