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Pangrok Sulap


As an art collective, our main medium is woodcut. This is because the access to get this equipment here is not difficult and cheap. Like MDF boards which can be bought in our local hardware as well as carving knives that can easily be purchased in local stationery stores.

We also use the legs as a tool for us to work with the community (see picture). Maybe it's a bit manual, however, over the years, it has become our bread and butter whenever we're making large artwork. Stepping on the artwork to print it while accompanied by music and dance  has become part of our identity in every show we ever participate in. Thus, creating that sense of togetherness is always something that we always love to do as a collective.

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Pangrok Sulap is a collective of artists, musicians, and activists based in Sabah, Malaysia. “Pangrok” refers to punk rock while “Sulap” refers to a hut used by Sabahan farmers. Since 2010, Pangrok Sulap has strived to empower local rural communities through collaborative projects, driven by their DIY attitude and ethos. In 2012, Pangrok Sulap began their practice of community woodcut printing to bring to light societal issues faced by indigenous communities in Borneo and their shared environment, exposing issues such as illegal logging, land grabbing, and gentrification.